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FOSS – Fats, Oils and Solvents

FOSSEcological sorbent of emulsified mineral oils, animal and vegetable fats and solvents. Absorbs short and long carbon chain lipophilic molecules to porous granules for easy removal from process water, effluents and similar. The saturated product most often has a high-energy value and very little water, and is suitable as fuel. FOSS is designed for non-pressurized and pressurized filter systems and fits in with conventional skimmers and separation pumps for removal from aqueous phases.

Typical FOSS© applications

Oil Industry & Refinery

Absorbs oil residues from cracker effluents and pump water at drill rigs. Read more

Food industry

Absorbs lipophilic matters from produced water and effluents.


Thickens and absorbs fats and lipophilic matters from effluents.

Metal industry

Absorbs oil residues from cutting fluids and produced water.

Soil & Water

Absorbs oil spillage and/or breaks down oil reduces into non-toxic matters.

Car wash/work shop

Absorbs fats and solvents from rinse water, oil spillage etc. Read more