Purification without chemicals

About us

Spikes & Cogs is a clean-tech company specialized in water purification without chemicals

  • Treatment of organic pollutants, such as suspended and dissolved material
  • Recycling of a wide range of metals/heavy metals
  • Collection of emulsified oils, fats and solvents from industrial process, waste, and leachate as well as surface and ground water

Natural and ecological biochemical and biological processes

  • Break down organic matter
  • Bind metals and heavy metals
  • Absorb fat-soluble substances
  • Stabilize chemical residues in water

The environmental goal is that purified water should be able to return to the ecosystem

Does not pose a chemical or biological burden to the recipient, for example as surface water of good quality, water for infiltration and irrigation.

The equipment consists of removable units that are easy to install

Does not affect existing equipment or process technology. Complement or replacement for conventional cleaning methods.